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2017 Retreat: “Render unto Caesar…” Spirituality, Politics and the Ascension of Humanity

The Bishop's Ranch, Healdsburg, CA — March 26 – 29, 2017: There has never been a significant evolutionary shift that has not been precipitated by a major crisis. This is true in geological history e.g., the huge 1.5 billion-years-long crisis that single-celled protozoa – the first lifeforms on our planet – created, when they began extracting hydrogen from water, thus releasing oxygen, which was a deadly poison to them! Or the excess of calcium the planet was excreting which threatened to overpower it, until it found creative ways to solve the problem e.g., make coral reefs of it, build exoskeletons for shell fish, make endoskeletons for the vertebrates.

It’s true in interpersonal relationships; and – as I’m sure you can verify from personal experience – it’s true in your own life journey. Crisis properly navigated is the key to psycho-spiritual growth.

And today – as has happened many times in human history – the world political, economic and military situation presents us with issues of mammoth proportions. Hence, it bears within itself evolutionary possibilities of even greater proportions.

This retreat, and these seven lectures, is an attempt to understand the root causes of this crisis, its invitations and its hidden blessings. It looks fearlessly at the real data, not the fake news, propaganda or fear-mongering, and goes on to identify the mindset, soul-set and practices needed to turn our times towards Christ Consciousness on a planetary level.



Fr. Seán ÓLaoire, PhD

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